DINTEK RJ45 port Micro Control Unit controls Master panel

MT MCU Module RJ45 port
Micro Control Unit controls MT panel

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SmartLINK™ patch panels
DINTEK SmartLINK™ patch panels make trouble-shooting physical connectivity issues easier and automates
the documentation of adds, movies and changes in the network. Using centralized software management and
LED indicator, network planning and management become an easy task.
Product Function:
 Structure cabling planning
The SmartLINK™ patch panels enable IT staff to make the planning easily.
 Cross-connecting guide
LED indicators guide when patching channel link.
 Rack system connecting, monitor and real time alert
Any unauthorized activity will be notify with an alert message.
 Network maintain and management
With SmartLINK™ patch panels, your physical layer becomes more than simply interconnected hardare.

 Follows ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A.CLASS 4 application.
 Copper solution equiped with Cat.6 or Cat.6A keystone jacks, and compatible regular RJ45 patch cord.
 Fiber solution equiped with OM3 10Gb/s LC-MPO Cassette panel and SC-MPO Cassette panel.