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Office Location

HQ (Smart Village 6 October) ​

Ad: Smart Village (6 October) B143-101
Mob: 01002139911 (10 Lines)
Zip: 12577

Operation Office(AL Haram):

Ad:710 Abo Alhol St. Haram, Giza, Egypt
Phone:(+202 )33626570

Warehouse(AL Haram) ​

Ad: 4 El Amin St. Haram, Giza, Egypt
Phone:(+ 202 ) 33626569
Mobile: (+2 )01002139916

Al-Bostan Branch

Ad :Al Bostan Mall,Cairo
Phone:(+202 ) 23959768-23926448-23962211
HotLine:(+2) 01226677775

Al-Torgoman Branch

Ad: Al-Torgman Mall
Showroom No: 33-34
Mobile:(+2 )01002139915

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Frequently Asked Question

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Where are El-Amin Company Locations?

-HQ: Ad: Smart Village B143-101
– Operation Office: Ad:710 Abo Alhol St. Haram, Giza, Egypt
– Warehouse: Ad: 4 El Amin St. Haram, Giza, Egypt
– Al-Bostan Branch: Ad: A l Bostan Mall, Cairo
– Al-Torgman Branch: Ad: Al-Torgman Mall Showroom No: 33-34

What are your working hours?

-everyday from 11am to 8pm and Weekly holiday is Friday

Dose El-Amin company Sell desktop pc or laptops?

No, we specialize for 27 years in network infrastructure supplies, audio, and video systems,
cables, and converters. We have integrated solutions for low current systems with all their
devices and accessories, UPS devices with all their capabilities, current stabilizers, and inverters.
We also have solutions for organizing the cable “path Duct cable”.

What is El-Amin Company offers to its customers which made it the best in this Field?

over the course of 27 years, we took for ourselves a motto that we called (4 Best):
-Best Price
-Best Customer Service
-Best Quality
-Best Guarantee
That made Always Our customers comes first in our priority

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