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Modular Plug Crimper

Modular Plug Crimper Crimping Tool

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D-Link Crimping Tool is very handy and easy to use device. RJ 45, RJ 12 and RJ 11 connectors as required. It is used in the installation of cabling system. It does not damage the shelled wire and works conveniently with high efficiency. This crimping tool is ideal for technicians for crimping any type of structured cabling.


• Modular Plugs 8P8C RJ-45, 6P6C RJ-12 and 4P4C RJ-11


• All-steel handles (with padding)
• Built-in cable stripper with stop to ensure correct strip length continuity tester


• 7.5 inch steel construction body
• Weight: 280 gms
• Suitable for 22-26 AWG wires

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