DINTEK High Quality Single & Ribbon Fiber Optical Cleaver

DINTEK High Quality Single Ribbon Fiber Optical Cleaver

Part Number:

Dintek 6100-00025

Product Highlights

DINTEK’s High Quality Technicans Optical Cleaver is an easy-to-use tool, cleaving with one step only. With its ruggedized structure, light weight and high precision  sliding mechanism, it ensures high standard cleaving for the application of fusion or mechanical splicing, either outdoors or indoors.


  • For use on 250um/900um buffered and ribbon fibers
  • Small compact design
  • Bi-directional cleaving
  • Cleaving with 1 step only
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Easy-to-open top cover (by one hand only)
  • Visible ruler for easy alignment & measurement
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ruggedized construction for stable performance
  • Under 100x microscope magnifies the blade to a complete curve without unevenness


  • Cutting bare fiber diameter: 125μm
  • Fiber coating diameter: 250~900μm
  • Cutting angle: less than 0.8° (single core fiber)
  • Cutting length: Single core fiber 8-20mm  /  Banded fiber  10mm
  • Cutting blade has 16 surfaces allowing 2000 cuts per surface
  • Blade cutting life: approx 36,000 times
  • Cutter size / weight: 60 D × 59 W × 51 H (mm) / 300g 
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