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Faceplate Double US MAGIC

Faceplate double US MAGIC

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Faceplate or RJ45 keystone jack box is a complementary accessory to the LAN cable structure that can be planted on a work table or wall as a protective box for permanent LAN cable links for network extensions to PCs, Laptops, Printers, IP Phones or access switches.

Faceplate is equipped with a cover on the RJ45 port to avoid the entry of dust and ID labels to facilitate documentation of the cable structure in your network. Screw holes to ensure the boxes and cables are in position so they do not easily shift off, which can cause permanent network links if you have problems.

114 x 70 mm curved dimensions, it is very suitable to be planted in a work table or wall, besides can also be paired with UTP 90or 1800 type of Cat5e / Cat6A D-link keystone jacks. D-Link offers a series of high-design and stylish faceplates for professional installation, fully suitable for certified LAN cabling systems.

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