Outdoor Fiber Cable OS2 9/125 Um, 24C, Loose Tube , Steel Wire, PE, Black

Light LINKS OM3 Unitube Armored Fiber Cable

Part Number:

Dintek 2103-01444

Product Highlights

DINTEK Light-LINKSTM Corrugated Steel Armoured Uni-tube cable is designed to provide superior strength and robustness in demanding applications like industrial plant, mining or those areas where the cable may be exposed to physical damage. CSTA also supplies superior rodent resistance. It can be directly buried, ploughed or installed in conducts and ducts or installed on trays.

Optical fibers are contained in a loose tube and strengthened with a corrugated steel tape armour with a bonded polyethylene outer sheath.


  • 02~24 cores
  • Central tube design
  • Color-coded fiber for easy identification
  • HDPE for outside jacket material
  • Good mechanical and temperature performance
  • High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
  • Special tube filling compound ensures critical protection
  • Crush resistance and flexibility
  • PSP enhancing moisture-proof
  • Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength
  • Small diameter, light-weight and friendly installation
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Light-LINKS OS2 Unitube Armored Fiber Cable


  • Duct/Aerial
  • Exterior use only
  • Backbone in LAN, MAN, WAN
  • 1Gbps Ethernet
  • 550MHz Broadband Video
  • SAN, Data Center¬†

Standards Conformance

  • Bellcore GR-20-CORE
  • ISO/IEC11801
  • ANSI/TIA Cabling Standard 568-2.D
  • CENELEC EN 50173
  • IEC60794-1
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