Stabilizer Maruson 15000 V.A

mega 33 avr 15 60kva 1

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Product HightLights

• 15 KVA three phase automatic voltage 

• Servo motor type AVR for combined 
   high precision without 
instant high 
   voltage surge and fast response

• Input isolation transformer with voltage 
  adjustment, surge 
suppressor and noise 

• Authentic zero-crossing technology 
  catches real current 

• Taylor-made C.R.G.O. toroidal transformer 
   for compact 
size and efficiency

• High performance and high speed MCU
  control with accurate 
detection for lower
  power consumption and better efficiency 

• High efficiency, low loss, low rising
  temperature, and long 

• Resettable circuit breaker for overload 

• Full function, graphic LED display indicator
  for easy status 

• Optional W Series for input range of 3 phase
   line to line 
182 ~ 433 / 202 ~ 453 VAC
  (9 KVA ~ 30 KVA

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