Stabilizer Maruson 60000 V.A

gamma 33 10k 200k sq 1 4

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Product HightLights

• 60 KVA three phase automatic voltage regulator
(Industry electric SCR type)
• Utilize SCR (silicon controlled rectifiers) as opposed to
servo motor type to control the voltage on the primary winding to deliver a highly stable output voltage
• Input compensating transformer with voltage adjustment,
surge suppressor and noise filtering
• Solid state maintenance free design as no carbon brush, no
abrasion, no contact, no spark, and no mechanical movement and failure
• Intelligent SCR control technology for combined high
precision without instant high voltage surge and ultra fast
response time (≤ 60ms), compatible with all loads
• Product long life time, ≥ 100 000 hours uninterrupted working
without failure
• Used the H-grade 180˚C transformer to protect against
electric shock to suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices
• Anti-interference, strong purifying ability, no wave
• Three phases are regulated independently to ensure the
balance of output voltage
• Authentic zero-crossing technology catches real current
• High performance and high speed DSP control with accurate
detection for lower power consumption and better efficiency
• High efficiency, low loss, low rising temperature, and long
• User-friendly real-time LCD display shows voltage, current,
mode, working conditions and control bottoms allow to reset
them easily
• Resettable circuit breaker for overload protection and
short circuit protection

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