How El-Amin Company Changed the Concept of Network Racks

How El-Amin Company Changed the Concept of Network Racks in Egypt?

Network Racks

Did you know that the first network racks in the Egypt market from El-Amin Company date back to 2005?!
Did you also know that El-Amin Company was behind a big revolution in this field?!
This article aims to give insight into the history of network racks, their features, and how they changed the way we think about them.

What is Network Rack?

A network rack is an equipment cabinet with several input and output ports for cabling. They are commonly used for telecommunication applications, computer networking, and other fields where it is necessary to keep large numbers of cables organized and accessible.

Network Racks Equipment

  • Switches – Multi-port, high-speed devices that receive data and redirect them to the correct destination on a local area network (LAN). Information can only go across a single network using a switch.
  • Routers – Similar to switches, routers receive and forward information, but they can carry data over multiple networks. This is why, for example, different devices or networks can access the Internet using one single router.
  • Modems – This device actually connects the source of your internet to your router. This is typically done using an ethernet cord.

Mr. Khaled El-Amin Vision?

Mr. Khaled El-Amin founder and CEO of ‘El-Amin Company’. He had some innovative ideas regarding Network Racks in Egypt which made a big change.
At the beginning of 2005, we started the journey of local manufacturing with others, and we were distinguished at that time by providing a dedicated showroom in Al-Bustan Mall For racks instead of custom-made, and this was the prevailing concept at the time
MASTER when we found it challenging to develop the Rack in Egypt, we immediately went to manufacture it in China, and its name was Master
And soon the rack spread in Egypt, and we were not satisfied with that, but we designed molds with unique specifications, considering the reduction of costs to be Its price is accessible to all while adhering to international standards

New Era with Hypertech Brand

In the framework of the research and development process and in early 2016 we became the exclusive distributor for the hypertech brand which is manufactured in China according to German standard specifications and we made strenuous efforts until the brand became officially approved in most of the Consultant offices in Egypt

And from this time we always looking forward to development in this field with hypertech Brand

Change Racks custom color

Black was the custom to be the official color of the racks, we were not convinced to impose this color on our customers under the pretext of following the usual concept.
So, we examined the possibility of changing that, and we found that the white color does not retain heat from here we get the Idea of trying to change the racks’ Color and all the details of the internal component are visible.
We immediately took this precedence and decided to change the color code. to white-grey to make the Color Code better with the light color.

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