Network Racks

How El-Amin Company Changed the Concept of Network Racks

Did you know that the first network racks in the Egypt market from El-Amin Company date back to 2005?! Did you also know that El-Amin Company was behind a big revolution in this field?!
This article aims to give insight into the history of network racks, their features, and how they changed the way we think about them.


Dahua Training

Based on the directions of El-Amin Company and its Chairman, Mr. Khaled El-Amin to support our clients, technicians, and engineers, and train them on the latest modern technologies a training course was organized in cooperation with the company Arab Security Group, and Dahua EGYPT.


And the dream continues

Information technology infrastructure is the integrated framework on which digital networks operate and this infrastructure includes data centers, computer hardware, computer networks, database ….

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